Ceiling Cleaning
What can Three G do for you?
Today's management must look at their business from a different perspective... your customers. Look up! There is the place where smoke, dirt, and grease accumulate

Today's customers are expecting and searching for higher quality in service, product, and environment.  The condition of your facility will make a statement and leave a lasting impression in the mind of your customer about the product or service they will receive.

Have you considered how your establishment rates in first impressions?

Don't forget, the work environment will have an effect on productivity and employee moral.  It can also contribute to the mental and physical health of those who work for you.
A building or facility requires a lot of time and work to keep it maintained, well lit, and clean. Efficiency, economics, and quality are key in making these decisions.
Replacement - very expensive and still have to replace the                              T-bars.
Painting - covers up the dirt, ruins the acoustical effect,                    increases the flammable properties

Bleaching - turns the dirt white instead of removing it.

    Options in dealing with 10,000 sq. ft. of dirty acoustic tile ceiling
*Much less expensive than replacement, painting or bleaching!
Sanitizes and removes offensive odors and destroys bacteria, increases the lifespan of the materials,          restores fire rating and acoustical value, removes         nicotine, soot, smoke, mildew, cooking grease and      dirt. Restores a like-new appearance to original            tiles, brightens ceiling grids, vents, diffusers and         fixtures, prevents business interruption, and                enhances indoor air quality.
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